A map with the essential points of 6th Baltic Barefoot Ultramarathon is available at the bottom of this article. We recommend everyone to look through the map and learn the basic information about the race course.

Starting place of 53 km

The longest distance of 53 km will start in Mazirbe, near the Sea. The place can be found by going directly along the central street till the Sea. The registration for the ultramarathon (for those that will be signed up before) will be open one hour before the start, and it will be held at the starting place. Here you will be able to get your race bibs, drink some tea and prepare for the race. There is a free parking spot at the Livs folk house, where you can leave your cars. If you want to leave your car in Roja (at the finish), you can go to the start by bus that leaves Roja at 10:10 and arrives in Mazirbe at 11:10.

1st hydration point

The first hydration point will be located at Vaide. The place can be easily accessible by supporters. We remind you that runners of the longest distance are welcomed to leave their own food and drink by the organizers to be delivered to your chosen hydration point.

Starting place of 34 km

Start of the 34 km distance will take place exactly at the Cape Kolka. Since this is a special place, we will be gathering around the campfire before the start and waiting for the first runners of the longest distance to arrive. The start will be given at the side of the cape closest to the open Sea. The registration (for those that will be signed up before) will be open from 13:00 till 13:50 at the starting place.

This will also serve as the 2nd hydration point for runners of the longest distance. We recommend participants to leave their cars in the free parking spot near Cape Kolka. The parking spot can be easily located when driving along the highway from Riga (there is a roundabout after Kolka, where is a sign towards the parking spot). From the spot you must go to the Sea along a tower. The starting place is about 200 meters from this place.

Toilets located in the toll parking spot (a little bit closer to the starting place) can be used by participants before the start.

If you decide to leave your car at the start, you can go after it from the finish in Roja by bus that leaves Roja at 20:10. You can also leave your car's keys by the organizers.

3rd hydration point

The third hydration point will be located behind Melnsils, immediately after the Melnsils river.

Starting place of 11 km

Start of the 11 km distance will take place at the Gipka beach. The registration (for those that will be signed up before) will be open from 16:00 till 16:50. Follow the signs to the Gipka beach and parking spot from the highway. If you go by bus, you must take in mind that there is a distance of 1,2 km from the bus stop till the starting place. The bus leaves Roja at 15:55 and arrives at Gipka at 16:11.


The finish of all distances is located in Roja right before the Roja river and behind the hotel Roja. Big parking spots are accessible here.

The map

Map with starting places, hydration points and finish can be seen here. Click on circles to read the comments (currently in Latvian only)!

Let's meet in Kurzeme at the end of August!