Racecourse: Mazirbe - Roja Distances: 53 km, 34 km and 11 km Date: August 25th, 2018.

Distances and time limits

Mazirbe - Roja: ~ 53 km/ 7 h

Kolka - Roja: ~ 34 km/ 5 h

Gipka - Roja: ~ 11 km/ 2 h

Start and finish (time and place)

53 km will start at 12:00 in Mazirbe

34 km will start at 14:00 in Kolka

11 km will start at 17:00 in Gipka

All distances finish in Roja. The last finisher is expected in Roja at 19:00.

More detailed descriptions of start and finish places as well as locations of hydration points can be seen in section “Course“

Signing up and registration

You can sign up for the race in the homepage of the run, in section “Registration“. After the completion of the sign-up form your name will appear in the Participant list and you will become approved when you pay the entry fee (information about how to pay will be sent to you by e-mail immediately after the registration).

Participants that have signed up and paid for the race will have to register for the race and collect their race bibs at the starting places (accordingly to the chosen distance), not later than half an hour before the start (see more detailed information in section “Course“).

Entry fees

In August (till August 24th):

  • 11 km: 24 EUR
  • 34 km: 29 EUR
  • 53 km: 36 EUR

INB! Signing up will not be possible on race day! Thank you for signing up in time!

If the race gets cancelled due to force majeure (such as adverse weather or a storm), entry fees are not returned, but they can be transferred to the next Baltic Barefoot Ultramarathon. If the athlete does not participate in the race, the entry fee is also not returned.

Payment must be made with the following credentials:

Recipient: Latvian Barefoot Running Society
Bank: AS "Swedbank"
Account: LV91HABA0551041713423
Registration nr.: 50008192561
In payment notes please provide information for which participant the payment is made for.

Age groups

Participants are divided into the following groups in each distance:


S53/V53: All women/men born from 1978 till 1999

SS53/VS53: All women/men born in 1977 and older


S34/V34: All women/men born from 1978 till 2001*

SS34/VS34: All women/men born in 1977 and older


S11/V11: All women/men born from 1978 till 2001*

SS11/VS11: All women/men born in 1977 and older

* Participants younger than 18 years old must provide a written permission from parents.


The awarding ceremony will start at about 19:00 in the yard of hotel "Roja". Six fastest barefoot runners (three men and three women) will be awarded in each distance (53 km, 34 km, 11 km).

With commemorative prizes will be awarded:

  • three fastest barefoot seniors (in groups SS53, VS53, SS34, VS34, SS11, VS11);
  • six fastest overall runners (three men and three women) in each distance (53 km, 34 km, 11 km, including the shod runners).

All finishers will receive a commemorative souvenir.

Important! If the athlete is not present at the awarding ceremony, he can not receive his award later.

Age limit

All athletes who have reached 18 years are allowed to participate. In special occasions athletes from 16 years of age are allowed to participate in 32 km and 11 km race courses with written permission from parents, which has to be submitted to the race organizers before the start.


Everyone is participating at own responsibility. This is acknowledged with ticking the according box in the sign-up form.

Medical aid

First aid ambulance will be available during the entire race time. Medical workers are authorized to deny athletes' participation in the race based on medical reasons at any time before or during the race. If you see someone in trouble on the course, please try to help and let the organizers know immediately or call 112! Medical insurance is up to each participant itself.

Additional information

  • Please note that the race course runs on the coast - very near to the water.
  • Participant start numbers must be fastened at the front and should be visible during the entire course.
  • Judges will be present on the course and will control participants' time and compliance with race rules.
  • Should an athlete is unable to get to the finish line by him/her-self, he/she must contact organizers to arrange transportation to the finish; or he/she must inform other participants, who will pass the message to the closest judge on the course.
  • Water and snacks will be available after each 10-13 km. Participants of 53 km have an option of handing their personal drinks and food to the organizers before the start for placing them on the course.
  • Use of Nordic walking sticks is allowed.
  • It is possible to leave your car in Roja and go to Mazirbe by bus. If necessary, organizers can provide the transfer to the starting place for additional cost. We can also transport your belongings from the starting place to the finish - free of charge.

Contact information

Ultramarathon organizer: Latvian Barefoot Running Society.

Point of contact for all issues related in connection with the Baltic Barefoot Ultramarathon (also if needed help with getting to the start or other travel questions):, + 371 26624221 (Baiba Ābelniece).


By registering to the race the participant agrees that his/her personal data are seen publicly in the race webpage.

Organizers hold the rights to change these regulations.

Regulations were last changed on 2018-01-10.